This month in Deidre's Dish we feature the favorite books and CD's of a few of our great IBO's. We hope you enjoy these selections as much as they have!

Nick & Barb Olynyk
Book - "Bringing Out The Best In People"
CD - "Check the Pulse and Keep it Alive, John & Jeannie Belle Crowe"

 Jay & Barb Morrow:
Books - "How I raised myself from failure to success in selling", "Success Motivation Thru the Word" & "Becoming Who You Were Born To Be"
CD - "How to do an Artistry Clinic"

Erle & Sandra Moshurchak::

Books - "Master Key to Riches", "Bringing out the Best in People" & "Five Love Languages"
CDs - "Greg Duncan Cutting Edge Night Owl" & "Lee Kesler Owning a Profitable Business:
The Ladies Series"

Be sure to check with your Upline on how to order all these great motivational materials!


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