E-Commerce Updates

Quixtar Ranked #1 in Online Health & Beauty Sales

For a couple years now we've talked about our ranking as the number one health and beauty retailer online. That ranking came out in the magazine Business 2.0, and it was based on revenues. We were pretty excited about that and we shared that information with you and we told as many people as we could about our leadership in this important marketing segment on the Internet. But we haven't talked about it quite as much lately, because we hate pointing back to old stats to demonstrate how great we are.

Well, another magazine, the new June issue of Internet Retailer, did its own survey and guess what!? More than two years later we're still number one in the online Health and Beauty sales, and 12th overall. Walmart, the biggest retailer in the world, is just one spot ahead of us on the Web. And we're ahead of big names like Williams Sonoma, Lands' End, Toys R Us and Drugstore.com. We're excited to be able to once again point to a credible third party publication as proof of the power of IBOs powered by Quixtar's Independent Business Ownership Plan.

That third party stuff is really important to people who haven't heard about us before. But to all of us here at Quixtar it only proves what we already knew, and that is that all of you, powered by this business, are revolutionizing the way commerce is done on the Internet. Last year you drove record sales of $1.035 billion, and you're ahead of that pace this year. A key indicator of your success is the number of new qualifiers we're seeing. Through April there were 68 percent more new Gold Producer qualifiers and 80 percent more new Platinum qualifiers. There also were 80 percent more new Sapphire Qualifiers and 63 percent more IBOs tracking for new Founders Platinum.

That kind of growth is good for this year, and great for the years ahead. New leaders are emerging and helping bring the Quixtar opportunity to a hungry public throughout North America. The IBO Plan works, because leaders develop new leaders who do the same. The end result is business success that magazines like Internet Retailer recognize. But even when they don't rank us, we know the score and we're seeing the growth in sales and in peoples' lives. Thanks for all you do, to build your businesses and develop new leaders.