MESSAGE FROM QUIXTAR - PARTNER STORE CREDIBILITY In any business developing a relationship based on trust is the key to long-term success. That's why we've developed www.thisbiznow.com, a Web site dedicated to taking all those good things that people say about us and putting them out there for people to read. You may have noticed that we’ve recently added some testimonials to the site, including one from MBNA Canada's Assistant Vice-President, Caroline Hannah. You may also remember that we recently upped the amount of PV/BV you can earn on sign-up for a Quixtar® MasterCard® to 100 PV/BV. All this gives you just another way to encourage new people to be comfortable with the products and services you're offering through your independent business powered by Quixtar. Let's face it, many people can't resist the allure of brand names. There's a certain level of built-in trust that these company’s enjoy due, in large part, to their proven success. And that's part of the reason why we choose to offer Partner Stores and Services from great companies like MBNA Canada, Primus, ESSO, and Rogers. We like to think that signing up for these services through your independent business powered by Quixtar gives you more value for your dollar. Simply put, you need a phone, you need a credit card, and you’re going to be driving so why not earn PV/BV while doing it? It's like being paid to live your life. But that’s not all! As part of our never-ending goals to bring you the products and services you need to live life the way you want it, and to forge relationships with the best of the best, we're proud to announce that we’ve added Office Depot to our roster of affiliate partner stores and service providers. Best of all, its in Canadian dollars. As I said, one of the keys to success is trust â€" and that trust is earned through the credibility of the products, services, and business opportunity that you offer. Quixtar Partner Stores and Services, now featuring Office Depot, are a great way to introduce new people to the business based on a foundation of familiarity and comfort that only brand names can provide.





The following tips are designed to help you use your computer to:
  1. Do a live follow-up Quixtar Site Tour and brief STP after an Industry Briefing Conference call.
  2. Do a remote / distance follow-up using CommuniKate’s Web Conferencing features.



Set all of these sites as favorites so you do can rapidly switch among them. Set up a Shortcut to the S-Curve PowerPoint (download from www.nardoneassoc.net, save to your computer, go to: file> right-click> select "Create Shortcut" – (put the shortcut on your desktop).

  1. Start with your One-Domain Page
  2. (Emphasize it is YOUR online business, and you have the resources of multiple billion dollar companies backing you up)

  3. Log in as an IBO
  4. (Briefly emphasize the many tools you have available – make your start page the Kate home screen – touch on BWW as a marketing resource and source of this technology.)

  5. Use your link to Quixtar, so that it is obvious your business is using Quixtar as a resource.
  6. (Use the headers to quickly show the power of Q – follow the Conference Call System Guide)

  7. Go to http://www.thisbiznow.com/ (put this in Favorites) - use the statistics to reinforce the power of Q ("By the Numbers" section).
  8. Review the S-Curve PowerPoint – emphasize the importance of the coming growth in e-commerce.
  9. If possible, use CommuniKate Web Conferencing (see below for one-time set up instructions) to review the US and Canada IBO Business Plan (Flip Chart) – Only use these slides 1, 6, 10, 20-24, 19, 25, 28. [Use Flip Chart if you do not have access to Kate Web Conferencing]. Leave Slide 28 (Your Next Step) on screen as guide to next steps.
  10. Register them (use your One Domain or Quixtar directly) and help them begin inviting to the next Industry Briefing. See "Steps in starting out a new IBO."




  1. This cannot be done without CommuniKate Web Conferencing – you will need both CommuniKate and the Web Conferencing option, both available from www.bww.com.
  2. The following are one-time steps you will need to do to make sure your computer is set up properly for Web Conferencing:
    1. Open CommuniKate using MS Explorer, go to: Conferencing> start a Conference> then select Web Conferencing. Click on "US and Canada IBO Business Plan" – if the plan loads, your computer is set correctly. If you get an error message or blank screen, call tech support (866-333-3281) to walk you thru the correct settings. Tell them you also want to "share applications" and to also check those setting.
    2. If you have high security settings, you may have to disable pop-up blocking and enable cookies to get this to work properly.
    3. If necessary, use the CommuniKate Help features to make sure your settings are correct. You may have to exit and re-start MS Explorer after changing your settings to get them to take effect.
    4. Download and install Firefox as a browser (www.firefox.com) – do not set it as your default browser.

FOLLOW-UP STEPS using CommuniKate Web Conferencing:

(Practice this FIRST with your Upline or supportive Downline before doing with a prospect!!!)

[NOTE: It should take you 15-20 min to do steps #10 through #16 after you have had practiced sufficiently]

  1. Using MS Explorer, log into Communicate, set up a Conference Call, select Web Conferencing.
  2. Send an Invitation to join the Web Conference to the person who has just listened to the Industry Briefing (depending on traffic, this invitation can take 1 – 30 minutes to reach your participant, so do not wait till the last minute to do this!)
  3. Start the US & Canadian Business Plan to verify Kate is working properly.
  4. Go back and Upload the S-Curve PowerPoint into Kate Web Conferencing (you will have to do this every time you do a Web Conference).
  5. Using Firefox, open your One-Domain Site (bookmark this) – do not log in yet.
  6. Using the 2nd icon from the top left, select "Start Application Sharing" from the Web Conferencing Screen.
  7. Select (Check the box) the Firefox One-Domain application to share. Your One Domain Home Page should now come back to the center of your screen.

  9. Call your participant, make sure they have received your invitation, and have them click on the Join Web Conference link. Verify they have high-speed access (cable or DSL).
  10. (After following the link, they may have to follow the "join manually" link at the bottom if they have high security, or they may have to over-ride "popup blocking.)

  11. They should see your One-Domain home page when they log in successfully.
  12. Log into your One-Domain Page
  13. (Emphasize it is YOUR online business, and you have the resources of multiple billion dollar companies backing you up)

  14. Log in as an IBO
  15. (Briefly emphasize the many tools you have available – make your start page the Kate home screen – touch on BWW as a marketing resource and source of this technology.)

  16. Use your link to Quixtar, so that it is obvious your business is using Quixtar as a resource.
  17. (Use the headers to quickly show the power of Q – follow the Conference Call System Guide)

  18. Go to http://www.thisbiznow.com/ (put this in Favorites) - use the statistics to reinforce the power of Q ("By the Numbers" section).
  19. Now go to Web Conferencing and Close Application Sharing.
  20. Select the S-Curve PowerPoint and review it with your participant – emphasize the importance of the coming growth in e-commerce.
  21. Click the upper left icon, and Select the US and Canada IBO Business Plan – Only review these slides 1, 6, 10, 20-24, 19, 25, 28. [Use Flip Chart if you do not have access to Kate Web Conferencing]. Leave Slide 28 (Your Next Step) on screen as guide to next steps.
  22. Register them (use your One Domain or Quixtar directly) and help them begin inviting to the next Industry Briefing.


Note: Technology Tips & Tricks will be updated periodically and put on www.nardoneassoc.net, along with the S-Curve PowerPoint, the Conference Call System Guide, and other materials that will assist you in using this system effectively.








Following is a simple 7 step pattern for utilizing the conference call system. The learning curve on this is simple but you need to do this a few times to feel comfortable with it:

1. Invitation to the conference call or industry briefing. Keep this short and simple.

"I have been looking into an E-Commerce business with a successful friend of mine and the potential is incredible. My partner is doing a private business briefing on this subject with a few select people. If I could get you in on this private conference call would you have about 15 minutes of ‘uninterrupted’ time"?

If he asks questions tell him all his questions should be answered by the briefing. Give the prospect a set time and number to call and tell him, "I have an an appointment available for you at 8:55p.m. Sunday night…………please do not forget to call as this is by appointment only. I would also ask that you call me immediately after the briefing so we can discuss the conference. If you are unable to call me, I’ll give you a quick call. Is this time good for you? Great, I’ll talk to you then." Remember, POSTURE is always the key; make this conference important!

2. The Industry Briefing. (Approximately 15 minutes)

This briefing will last about 15 minutes and is should be done by a person with success in the business. After they listen in and call you back, set up a Site Tour immediately. This can be done right in their home or in yours. All they need is a computer and link that you will provide for them. If you wish to do this with them that is also an option.

3. Site Tour

  1. This needs to be on a laptop w/WiFi or a home PC with high-speed access. If you have a laptop; you can meet folks at Starbucks, Panera Bread or other WiFi sites. The site tour is designed to show people the awesome support that already exists for them to start their own Internet-based business. We tell them this is an E-Commerce business so let’s show them. Here are the steps:
  2. Take people to your One Domain site…. (2 minutes), emphasizing YOUR
  3. business.

  4. Take them to Quixtar (this will probably be the first time they see the name)
  5. Four (4) simple stops. Go to:

     1. Office
     2. Quixtar Opportunity
     3. Find Products/Partner Stores/Shop.Com/Exclusives/Hot Buys/Sports nutrition.
     4. Ordering (show your ditto profile, ideally set for the 1st of every month)

4. Show them the plan.

Use the Quixtar site or Kate Plan. Keep this moving fast as the "concept" is the most important thing here, not the actual numbers. The plan online is especially ideal for distance folks as you can do it online while speaking to them on the phone. If local you can use the flip chart or the information in the literature pack.

5. Bullet proofs the new person about bad press on the internet.

Tell them that any company that grows like ours people like to put us down. i.e. Sam Walton for all his success is criticized as the Antichrist. Mother Theresa has several thousand negative websites about her. Emphasize the credibility of the partner stores, by name, who have already screened us with their many attorneys and CPA’s doing their own due diligence. Now it’s time for you to do your homework. We have already done $7 billion last year worldwide.

6. Develop a game plan.

Go to a local industry briefing (open, home meeting or one on one. Give the BWW literature pack along with the Power Wave with Bill Hawkins and/or Dean Kosagi EDC Attitude (at least Part A).

7. Leave a few sample products.

Probably would not be a bad idea to have them leave with a few samples of food/energy bars, XS drinks, etc. Basically the Incredible Edibles line. These products have a 700-800% better return the traditional product lines. Show them how to convert household expenses into household income (Show the Household Gold Brochure). Move from consumer to independent supplier, earning a portion of the profits from your own purchases AND the referral process. Use "anyway purchases" to create permanent income.




The Quixtar Canada Corporation has two words for Canadian Leadership. It’s Back!

Unfortunately, the West Nile Virus that’s dominated the summer news for the past couple of years has returned. With a handful of confirmed cases in dead birds in Ontario, we can be fairly certain that we’re in for another summer of West Nile cases across Canada.

The chances of most of you coming in contact with a West Nile-infected mosquito are fairly slim. But, if you can do something simple to help prevent getting sick, then wouldn’t you be crazy not to do it?

Put it this way, we drive with a seatbelt on, we look both ways before crossing a street and we should always make sure to spray on the D-15® Insect Repellant before heading outdoors!

It’s fast, it’s easy, and you will have the piece of mind that, with over a 14% concentration of DEET, you’re going to be off the menu for those hungry little mosquitoes for over four hours. And when combined with measures like eliminating standing water and wearing long, loose clothing, D-15 can help reduce the risk of exposure to West Nile-infected mosquitoes.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s mosquitoes, black flies, or anything else with beady little eyes and wings – don’t you like to spend your time outdoors bug free? With D-15 you can enjoy summer to its fullest.


Monday April 5, 9:53 am ET

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Independent Business Owners (IBOs) powered by Quixtar helped the company smash its single-day sales record with sales of more than $11 million on March 31, surpassing the company's previous best sales day of $10 million a year earlier. This contributed to a $100 million month for Quixtar Inc., the first for the company since its launch in 1999.  "We're excited that IBOs continue to work hard to achieve the goals they set for themselves this year," said Ken McDonald, Quixtar's Managing Director.  "Their efforts in the first half of our fiscal year and carrying through March are keeping us on track to outperform last year overall. A strong March like this really helps set the pace for the rest of our fiscal year."

IBOs generated revenues of $1.035 billion for Quixtar in the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2003, plus an additional $58.3 million for Quixtar's online Partner Stores, ranging from KBtoys.com to OfficeMax.com. Last year IBOs earned $343 million in bonuses and other incentives for their efforts.  "This is an exciting time for Quixtar," said Randy Bancino, Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Support. "We're seeing growth in the number of people starting their own businesses powered by Quixtar, and we're seeing solid growth in our health and beauty categories. In particular, the sports nutrition category is generating tremendous excitement for IBOs and their clientele, as are new products like Artistry® Time Defiance® Intensive Repair Serum and Tolsom(TM) Skin Care for Men. These products and others are really helping to drive sales growth."

About Quixtar
With the launch of Quixtar Inc. in 1999, a new business model was created called I-commerce, representing the convergence of four key elements: the Internet, the Individual, a full-service Infrastructure, and a proven Independent business ownership plan. Quixtar's business model rewards IBOs for sales to those they register at www.Quixtar.com as new IBOs, Members, or Clients. In Quixtar's first four years, IBOs generated $3.1 billion in sales for Quixtar plus more than $250 million for Partner Stores, earning $998 million in bonuses and incentives.  Based near Grand Rapids, Mich., Quixtar currently supports independent businesses in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and various trust territories and independent island nations in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and Caribbean Sea. Quixtar Canada Corp. headquarters are located in London, Ont., Canada.

Source: Quixtar Inc.

Request For Upline Assistance

To know what type of help would be most beneficial, it’s important to know what you want to accomplish and how you want to accomplish that goal. This form will help you focus and decide where to start.

  1. What is your monthly income goal from your networking business?
  2. How many total IBO’s will you need in your downline to accomplish that goal?
  3. How many total IBO’s are in your downline now?
  4. How do you plan to sponsor the additional IBO’s to reach your goal?
  5. How many new prospecting contacts did you make last week? Last month?
  6. How many business presentations did you make last week? Last month?
  7. What is your most successful sponsoring method so far?
  8. List the last five books you’ve read that made a difference in your life?
  9. How many hours per week do you spend in training and self-improvement?
  10. How do you spend your self-improvement hours?
  11. How much do you invest in your training and development monthly (include travel, seminar fees, books, etc.)?
  12. What reasons do you allow to hold you back from your goals?
  13. What is the most important reason you want to be successful in your business?




In recruiting, there is a fact of business every networker must understand: We get paid to do one thing and one thing only – communicate with people. That will determine 95% of your paycheck.

After studying and doing the business for 20 years full-time, I discovered a pattern among people struggling with their recruiting, which usually is the majority. We are a business of communication, and with that in mind, I’d like to share with you the five biggest reasons people fail at sponsorship.

  1. The IBO isn’t talking to people
  2. Yes, you read that right. Amazing as it may sound, there are many IBO’s who lead others to believe they are actually recruiting and talking to people…but they are not. They are busy building a façade of a business and never really engaging in the conversation and contact necessary for success. Why? Fear. There may also be other things, but fear is the biggest reason. How can they overcome it? By finding a recruiting partner, whether upline or sideline, who will help emotionally support them until their confidence increases. There are people out there who truly are talking to no one. If you see no action happening with someone in your downline, you may have a "silent talker" – someone who talks about recruiting, but is silent when it comes to recruit. You must communicate with people if you are going to succeed in this business.

  3. The IBO isn’t talking to enough people
  4. This is an interesting one. There seems to be a comfort level with people that says, "I have talked to xx number of people, and nothing is happening, so that means I can’t recruit because this doesn’t work." Wrong! Talk to a lot of different people. It amazes me that someone can say they talked to a lot of folks when in reality they talked a lot to a few. New blood keeps the heart of your business pumping. Talk to enough people and talk to people enough – but don’t turn them off. Go on to a new person and see what happens with that person instead of trying to force someone into the business who later will only leave a bad taste in his mouth.

  5. The IBO isn’t talking to the right people
  6. One of the biggest reasons failure occurs in our business is too many IBO’s spend too much time with too many people who have too little interest. This wastes massive amounts of time, but unfortunately many IBO’s fall into this trap. They talk to the wrong people, bring in the wrong people, and then have a downline of mostly wrong people. Wrong people fuss that the application is the wrong color or the upline is not doing enough to welcome them aboard (two phone calls is not enough). You know the type. What you are looking for are people who light up and catch fire when you show them this business. They light others up when they talk, instead of complaining. They are interested, motivated, and ready to handle any challenge. Upline support is gravy to the right people – they manage to succeed even without you. There is what’s called the "Recruiting IQ," which helps tell you if someone is a right one. IQ stands for "Ignite Quickly," and if they catch fire quickly they have a great chance of being the "right one" to have on your team. But to attract the right ones you must become the right one, you must become who you want to attract to this business.

  7. The IBO isn’t talking "right" to people
  8. Many IBO’s are saying the wrong things to the wrong people with the wrong message. In a business of communication, what you say and how you say it (emotion and tone) are essential. You must talk to people with a "you" focus, or what is called the T.I.N.Y. Focus: Their Interests Not Yours. Nothing turns people off more than self-focused, self-absorbed IBO’s recruiting for their reasons, not the prospects reasons. The words they use reveal a lot: "Me…I…I…me….I…me…I…me…you." That is a major clue! IBO’s should say "you" at least four times more than the words "I" or "me."

  9. The IBO is talking too much to people
    Some people have a tendency to run their mouths. They talk…and talk…and talk…and by the time they stop, the prospect is long finished. Don’t dump on people! Create a sponsorship environment that inspires the prospect to do most of the talking. Ask a lot of questions and listen. Most people love to have an audience, but they hate to be an audience. You should be an audience of one for massive listening to your prospect and don’t create a "sat chat." What is that? It’s what is called a "saturation chat" – they feel saturated with your words and they also feel they have more than enough information. No, if you’re going to be a hot recruiter you must connect with people, and the best way to do that is to become an audience.

Are we turning people off with overused language?

Maybe we are.... The words we use are so critical when calling or approaching prospects…let's look at a few examples of what I mean.

1. "I'm involved with..."

People don't want to be involved in anything!  Instead you might say: "Something has been brought to my attention, crossed my path, crossed my desk..."

2."What I'd like to do..."

Prospects don't give a rip what YOU would like to do. Instead you might say: " With your permission... may I make a suggestion, if it's O.K. with you..."

3. " Keep an open mind.... Are you open minded?"

Think about it, how can a prospect, all of a sudden, open his/her mind?   All I know is that when people call me and ask me if I am open-minded I know I am about to get sucked into something that benefits them more than me!  Instead you might say: "See if this meets with your approval… decide this for yourself: your objective opinion would be appreciated.

Let's put a few calls or approaches together using some new language:

" I'm working on an online business project and I need an associate or two that can meet the necessary requirements. That is why I am calling you...this may not be something that you will personally have interest in....however, my question is...would you be receptive to looking at an attractive venture outside of what you're currently doing?"

"An online business project has been brought to my attention... A business model that allows people like us to generate an attractive income stream working from our homes without affecting what we currently do. This program may or may not be what you are looking for, and by the same token, you may not be what we are looking for. So, can I make a suggestion? With your permission, let's set up a time for us to get together for 30 minutes. If you like what you see, we can go from there. If not, we will drop it. Does that work for you?"



Your group attends a leadership seminar and comes back bulletproof from a power charged weekend. But every now and again there are those few that feel they already learned all they need to know about business and people. When you mention that a seminar is coming to your area next month, they say, "Why do we need to go to another function? I’m already motivated and I’m really not interested in all that self-development stuff. What I need to learn I’ll get from the tapes."

Here is what I say:

You can’t expect your team to attend if you don’t. You go to get your key people to attend; it’s called camaraderie. Some of the greatest memories we have today are from events we’ve attended with our upline and downline associates. Travelling together, staying in hotel rooms adjacent to each other, staying up late and having fun. As a result we started small Mastermind Groups. The comments and thoughts were invaluable, as we all tried to help each other. The major events that we all attend are valuable for our own training, but they’re also a chance to run into each other regularly. If you feel you have enough training, remember that is not the case for most people. Many people that came to us from other careers were not lucky enough to have been exposed to many motivational/self-improvement sessions. Be a leader and attend to support them and build your team.

It’s that time again, Renewal Time! For many of you in our industry the question is should I stick with it?

Don’t think you’re alone if you have asked yourself, "Should I stick with it?" Even top income producers, at one point or another, have asked themselves the same question. They wondered when they would start seeing the money that they so desired and deserved. When these questions arise (and they will if they haven’t already), put things into perspective. Ask yourself one very simple question that we ask people every time we show the plan, "What are my options?" Let’s look at your income options: 1) linear income and 2) residual income. To determine the difference is easy. Ask yourself "How many times do you get paid for every hour you work?" If you answered "only once" you’re earning linear income. You work that 9 to 5 job day after day and get paid for the hours you work, either hourly or by a salary. You may be paid a great price for your time and talent, but what would happen if you didn’t work, or just wanted to take a year off to enjoy your family, or for other personal reasons…would you get paid? Easy answer there. If you don’t work, you don’t get paid!

Residual income lets us work hard today for practically peanuts, but allows the process of time and duplication to take its course. A perfect example would be to write and publish a book. You slave for hours on end to get it just right. Then you are paid on copies sold months and years down the road. Many of us are not writers, however. So where do we go to find that residual income?

You may say, "I have been plugging away at my business for a year or so, and I just don’t see it (the money that is)". Here comes that question again, "Do I stick with it?" I’m not going to tell you the answer. Instead, I am going to tell you a story about two brothers. At the end, you decide your answer. Here it goes…

Two brothers graduated from college, We’ll call them John and Bill. John was a great student, loved the thought of entering the business world. His goal was to hook up with a solid company and rise to the top! Bill, on the other hand, wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do. He was more the entrepreneurial type—the kid you would have seen years before at the end of his driveway selling lemonade to people walking by, delivering newspapers, cutting grass, anything to make money. He just couldn’t see himself taking the traditional road that his brother was so excited about. Bill was introduced to Private Franchising through a friend. After looking over the information, Bill was very excited. "I can have my own business, time freedom, be my own boss, what could be better?" Bill thought. John thought Bill was crazy. In fact, everyone in the family thought Bill was crazy. But Bill didn’t care. He saw the power of working hard for a short time and then hardly working and getting paid for a long time. Hello, residual income. So let’s look at what a 10-year period of time brought John and Bill:



YEAR ONE: John lands a job with a great company at the starting salary of $25,000. John is ahead $25,000. YEAR ONE: Bill registers and joins BWW. Goes through a learning process, spends $2,000 that year on educational material and functions to build his business. Bill doesn’t make a dime! He is in the red $2,000
YEAR TWO: John is doing great, so well in fact that he gets a huge $5,000 raise. He is up to $30,000 a year, for an accumulative total of $55,000 YEAR TWO: Poor Bill – he is really getting beat up by his family. They keep telling him to get a "real job." He spends $4,000 this year in the process of expanding his business, but he still doesn’t make a dime. He is now in the red $6,000!
YEAR THREE: John saved the company dollars on a big account. For his efforts, he gets another $5,000 raise. Looking good! $35,000 a year and an accumulative total of $90,000 YEAR THREE: Finally! Bill made $500 a month for a total of $6,000 that year. Of course he did spend another $4,000 to do it, so his accumulative total is still in the red for $5,000.
YEAR FOUR: John marries the boss’s daughter, and the boss pops him off another $5,000 raise. He is making $40,000 a year. His accumulative total is $130,000! He really thinks Bill is crazy now. YEAR FOUR: Bill is working hard, spends another $4,000, but guess what – his income doubled! He made $1,000 a month for a total of $12,000 that year. He finally is ahead $3,000
YEAR FIVE: Jkohn’s wife is pregnant, grandpa gives him another $5,000 raise. He is up to $45,000, with his total at $175,000 so far. YEAR FIVE: Bill has learned that persistency and consisting is the key. Bill doubled his income again to $24,000. Actually, his expenses have even gone down a bit. Many of his IBO’s are taking leadership and Bill finds himself doing more trainings. He still did spend $3,000 though, so he made $21,000 that year, with his total at $24,000.
YEAR SIX: Well, John’s wife wants to stay home with the new baby. He asks for a bigger raise, but "Dad" says he can only give him another $5,000 . John Figures, OK, it’s an 11% raise, hey, that’s better than he is giving everyone else. Guess it pays to be related. John is making $50,000 a year, with $225,000 total over the past six. YEAR SIX: The power of duplication! Bill has doubled his income to $48,000 and spent $3,000, so he made $45,000 that year, and $69,000 so far.
YEAR SEVEN: John’s wife is pregnant again. "Dad" gives him a straight 10% raise, putting him at $55,000 a year, and $280,000 for a total. YEAR SEVEN: Bill has learned a lot from his mentors. He doubled his income again to $96,000! Didn't spend too much again on training and education, only another $3,000. After all, he took a couple months off, and met his new wife. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Bill’s accumulative total is $162,000.
YEAR EIGHT: Stock Markets down, and raises are skimpy this year. John does manage to get his usual $5,000 raise. He is up to $60,000 and finally hit a total of $300,000 accumulative. YEAR EIGHT: Bill’s new wife decided to help him a little with the business. Actually, it gave Bill a chance to do more of his hobby: Golfing. They doubled their income to $192,000 that year. A new product line becomes available and Bill runs a special promotion, so they spent $5,000 that year. All in all, they have accumulated $349,000. Hey, guess what? They are making more than John! Now everyone at the family reunion wants to know what the heck Bill is doing.
YEAR NINE: John is finally made a partner! This year they are going to give him a $10,000 raise! Boy, is he excited. But of course, it will mean longer hours, more travelling, which is going to take him away from his beautiful wife and 2 kids. He is up to $70,000! His total for the past nin years is $370,000. YEAR NINE: Bill and his wife decided to take 6 months off and travel throughout Europe. A funny thing happened again—his income doubled. Boy, he must have taught his people well! He made $384,000 that year and even spent another $10,000 on promotion, just to help his new people out while he was gone! So far, he’s made $723,000.
YEAR TEN: John’s tired. He has been travelling so much. He misses his wife and kids. He even got another raise of $10,000 so he is sitting pretty nice with an $80,000 a year salary with four weeks vacation. He takes some time off – after all, he’s earned it! Boy, did those four weeks go by fast! Has anyone heard when Bill is coming back from Europe? John’s total is $450,000. YEAR TEN: The power of momentum! Bill is making ridiculous money and no one knows where he is now! He keeps in touch with his group by cell phone and laptop computer. We just haven’t seen much of him, because he is doing so many seminars across the country. What happened to his income again? It doubled. He made $768,000 that year and has accumulated well over $1.5 million!

Now, I ask you, "Should you Renew?"


Big money and Free Time are the big hooks when inviting prospects to meeting!

The following are a few examples of invite scripts that incorporate this concept. Feel free to print these off and use them as scripts when you are setting up appointments.


If you could see________ a system that would allow you to earn over $20,000 per month at home in your blue jeans and you would never have to go to the office again. If you could retire in 2-5 years on more money that most doctors get paid… would that interest you?


I’ve got to tell you why I’m calling. I can’t hold back any longer! I’m so excited about what we discovered and we want to share it with you, because, frankly, I can’t think of very many people we would rather spend time with and partner with than you. Listen, I’m going to ask the same question of you that was asked of me a couple of weeks ago.

If you were absolutely convinced, after full due diligence, that it was possible for you to earn $20,000, $30,000 even $50,000 per month, legally and ethically and kick back and relax still earning that much, without a major investment… would that be a venture that would interest you?


I really think I’m on to something, but I’d like you both to look at it and tell me if I’m crazy! A few close friends are coming over on weds. And I would love to have you both join us so that I can show you exactly how things work. I really value your opinion.

Well, those are just a few great approaches that have worked for me over the last several years.You will notice that there is no mention of the Internet or anything else except big money and free time. So have fun, associate pleasure with making your calls not pain! Great prospecting!

  1. Is this a good time?"
  2. Transfer enthusiasm
  3. Compliment your prospect.
  4. Take it away with a posture statement.
  5. Confirm the appointment.

Using these five elements will improve your results in a big way!

Now here is an example of all these elements and how they blend together.

Hi Bill, this is Brian Herosian calling. Is this a convenient time for us to talk for a few minutes? It is. Great!

Bill, the reason I’m calling is that I am so excited about a potential income alternative on the Internet. I thought of you because of the way people feel about you and respect you. I know that this is something you would want to know about.

Now I can’t make any guarantees. I’m not even sure that this would be a fit for you at this time. What I would like to do is sit down with you for a few minutes and run some ideas by you. I think you will see what I saw that is causing me to loose sleep.

So I’m buying coffee this week Bill, which day is best for you. Tuesday or Thursday?

Now that has all the ingredients that you want in an effective phone call.

I highly recommend that you prepare a script for your calls. One for close friends and family and another one for acquaintances. Write it out in outline form covering those five points.

Master that phone and move those BEANS!



What Do You Say…

to "My sponsor isn't helping me"

This is why you became an IBO! You have several leaders who have gotten strong enough to "graduate" from your training, and they give your business -- and commissions -- a solid foundation. When you took a three-week vacation last month, your income actually increased! Your downline is (finally) a successline, and your former prospects are seeing the fulfillment of their goals and dreams.

Except for Bill. He keeps calling you with concerns, questions, and complaints. He isn't experiencing the progress you would expect. Since Bill registered as an IBO several levels below you, you've encouraged him to talk with his sponsor and upline leader for training.

Bill doesn't seem to hear you. You finally ask directly, "Bill, why aren't you calling your sponsor and immediate upline with these questions and concerns? They are eager to help you, and you are part of their team. I certainly don't mind helping you with your business, but I don't want to undermine my key leaders."

Bill replies, "I'm really frustrated with my lack of results. I don't understand what I need to do in this business, and my sponsor isn't helping me.11


What do you say?

I'd say: Bill, I'm going to need to communicate with your sponsor and the folks in your upline, my downline. If those team members simply don't know how best to support you, I'll be happy to work with all of you.

I have to tell you, though, that I won’t waste my time with negativity and whining. If your sponsor has tried to coach you, and you are unwilling, it would be better for you to try some other business. If you have a personality conflict, but you both are coachable, we can work through it.

This may sound harsh, but I believe there is no reason to cater to whining. I would rather lose a "soldier" and keep my "generals" happy than undermine my leaders and their teams. If the breakdown is along the lines of a generation gap, a gender bias, or cultural/racial issues, I absolutely need to know about and address it. Fast.